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Why not use a weekend to clean up your attic? You’ll gain space and probably end up with a sizeable donation to charity. Follow these 4 simple tips for an attic clearance.


  1. Be ready for dust

Be prepared for a battle. Old pieces of furniture and boxes will pile up enormous piles of dust and mold. Get yourself a FFP3 grade dust mask – you can find them at any hardware store. It might seem a little too much, but your lungs will thank you. You should also wear googles and gloves!

  1. Be ready for dead stuff

And we’re not even talking about vintage taxidermy! Wasps, bees, moths, mice, spiders, bats, birds – beware of them, more often dead than not. But be careful with a possible active wasp nest – they don’t need much teasing.

  1. Know what to hang on to

Old souvenirs, broken appliances you’ve been meaning to fix for ages, a VHS player, a trampoline you bought because of last year’s resolution – you got the idea. We’ve all accumulated clutter. You need to know what to hang on to and what to let go. Be honest with yourself. If you really need that, why is it stored away in your attic?

  1. Don’t be attached

An attic clearance can be a sentimental journey. While it’s easy to get rid of the stuff you don’t want, it can be difficult to let go of the things you’re attached to, like furniture from previous houses, things your kids made, photos, etc. Again, be honest with yourself: Do I use it? Would I save it in a fire?

That’s it, time to get your hands dirty! Are you ready? Get up early, it’s going to be like a work day. But you can put on your favorite playlist and get down to it!