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Washing your windows is not that fun, so you want to get the job right the first time. To do so, check out some of our pro tips!

  1. Don’t choose a sunny day.

If possible, opt for a cloudy day. When the day is too hot and humid, the sun will most likely dry your cleaner before you’re able to wipe it away, leaving you with bad streaks.

  1. Don’t forget to dust the sills and sashes first.

Remember to dust the frame and sill of your window first. By doing this you avoid any liquid dripping onto the frames, creating a real mess.

  1. Use the right amount of window cleaner.

You must spritz your windows with a good amount of your cleaner, especially if they are extra dirty. You’re going to need a generous amount to get all the dirt out of your windows.

  1. Don’t use newspaper to dry.

A lot of people rely on this trick, but it’s not a really good option to use on your windows. It can become messy and ineffective. Go with microfiber cloths, which are really absorbent and washable.

That’s it! We hope that with these tips you’re able to get your windows squeaky clean – the first time!